Prevention of Pipe Corrosion: Why it Matters

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Industrial pipes, as durable as they are, are still susceptible to corrosion just like any other traditional pipe systems are. Eroding pipes are costly to repair and often require replacement; pipes can corrode and erode from the inside out. The only way to truly do pipe corrosion prevention is to install certain pipe wear support… Read more »

Dealing With Pipe Wear Problems

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Pipe wear is something every pipeline company has to deal with. There are steps that you can take to slow down pipe wear. While no pipe will be impervious to pipe wear, addressing the main causes of pipe erosion can slow things down greatly.   Over 300 billion dollars each year is spent because of… Read more »

5 Reasons to Consider Pipe Pads for Your Pipe Corrosion Problems

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pipe pads

Pipes play an essential role in the functioning of any industrial company. Everyday use exposes pipes to extreme conditions which often leads to deterioration of pipes in the long run. Even the slightest neglect could lead to large-scale damages, so it’s important to shield your pipes against such damages. That’s where pipe pads come into… Read more »

Northern Mexico Rocked With Natural Gas Explosion Caused By Pipeline Corrosion

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Thankfully, we don’t hear news like this very often, but these instances highlight the importance of consistent pipeline corrosion protection. Metal corrosion costs the United States around $300 billion every year, but most people rarely hear about these costs unless they manifest themselves in a disaster. In March, a corrosion problem on a natural gas… Read more »

What Factors Within Your Lawn’s Soil Cause Corrosion?

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Over time, it’s only natural for your pipes to wear down and corrode under the pressure of external factors. But this doesn’t mean pipe corrosion is welcome; in fact, pipeline corrosion costs the U.S. more than $9 billion each year on average. Without the proper corrosion protection system in place, you may find your pipes… Read more »

Why is Pipeline Maintenance and Protection Important?

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pipeline maintenance

If you’re a plant owner or operator, there’s nothing more concerning than the C word. C, of course, stands for corrosion. But pipes that don’t corrode are non-existent. Okay, plastic pipes don’t corrode. But they degrade, which means they’re also not perfect. The good news though is there’s a way to avoid pipeline failure. And… Read more »

5 Pipeline Corrosion Protection Methods You Must Know

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corrosion protection methods

Pipelines are critical for infrastructure in the modern world. There are over 2.4 million miles of pipeline in the United States alone. Unfortunately, all these pipelines are susceptible to corrosion. Pipeline corrosion protection is very important because corrosion can make water unfit to drink. It can also expose the environment to harmful materials. Are you… Read more »

Intelligent Pigging: The Smart Way to Find Corrosion

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Pigging is a great way to protect your pipes without hurting your activity. Chances are, you’ve used “pigs” in the past. But did you know there is a smarter way of fighting corrosion? Intelligent pigging is taking the pipeline world by storm, and for good reason. It is by far the smartest method of finding… Read more »

A Quick Introduction to Pipeline Corrosion

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pipeline corrosion

Corrosion is any pipe line’s enemy, but ignoring the warning signs can cost you more than just money. Lives are also at risk. These ‘ticking time bombs’ have killed more than 500 people and injured over 4,000 since 1986. The United States has over 2.4 million miles of pipe, making it the largest network of… Read more »

5 Reasons Commercial Pipes Burst

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Commercial pipes burst for various reasons. Some bursts are as a result of negligence and others just accidental. But mostly, bursting of pipes is easy to avoid if only the right precautions are taken. Sometimes it only needs pipeline corrosion protection services to guard against bursting of the pipes. These are 5 reasons why pipes… Read more »

Top 10 Longest Oil Pipelines in the World

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Pipelines are some of the most incredible man-made objects you can find. They have to be planned, built, and maintained, which takes the effort of numerous people. Considering how many there are, pipeline corrosion protection is essential to good energy production. Now, with that in mind, let’s look at the 10 longest pipelines in the… Read more »

4 Urgent Reasons All Pipelines Should Have Corrosion Protection

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All kinds of items made from metal undergo some form of corrosion over time. When this happens, the usefulness of the items decreases. Excessive corrosion can lead to complete damage of any metal, necessitating replacement. When it comes to economically useful metal appliances like pipelines, the damage can lead to significant losses. Thus, protecting the… Read more »

4 Common Reasons Pipes Fail

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Pipes are often subject to failure, especially if they have been in use for a long period of time. They often deteriorate with time, making them vulnerable to failure. It is essential to buy the right kind of pipe fit for service. Pipe failures need to be thoroughly investigated with care to ensure that future failures are… Read more »