What Are The Different Types of Corrosion Inhibitors?

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corrosion of pipelines

The influential National Association of Civil Engineers (NACE) Cost of Corrosion study estimated a $276 billion in direct costs annually associated with metal corrosion in 2002. In the production and manufacturing sector alone, this is a cost of $17.6 billion every year. Corrosion is a natural occurrence and the costs associated cannot be eliminated entirely…. Read more »

Proven Ways Corrosion Prevention Is Easier Than You Think

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corrosion prevention

How can you implement a corrosion prevention plan for your pipelines? It’s not easy since corrosion is a part of nature’s process to break down materials. It’s also the main cause of pipeline and storage tank leaks and breakdowns. These breakdowns cost up to $17 billion, according to NACE International. Are you looking for ways… Read more »

5 Pipeline Maintenance Tips

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pipeline maintenance

Are you a plant owner or general manager looking for ways to maintain your pipeline? According to the Pipeline Association for Public Awareness, government statistics show that “a common cause of pipeline incidents is improper or unauthorized digging near a pipeline.”  Other major causes include “mechanical failure, human error, and corrosion.” How can you ensure… Read more »

The Top 6 Elements That Impact Pipeline Corrosion

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What materials impact pipeline corrosion?

Corrosion refers to the tendency of metals to return to their natural condition and the deterioration of material due to chemical and electrochemical reactions. Pipeline metals corrode when exposed to certain elements or materials. This is a natural process which can be halted if the conditions are changed or treatment is applied. If, however, there is no… Read more »

4 Shocking Signs You Have Pipe Corrosion

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Signs of pipe corrosion

Due to a combination of factors such as oxygen, leaks, and what not, your pipes will begin to corrode over time. This corrosion takes on a number of forms such as leaks, increased pressure, and ultimately bursting pipes if the situation is not identified and corrected early enough. For that reason, getting to know what… Read more »

The Impact of Corrosion on the Gas and Oil Industry

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Corrosion's impact in the gas and oil industry

Petroleum products like gas and oil come from reserves located below the surface of the Earth. These reserves are tapped into by various means (mining, fracking, etc.), after which raw materials are harvested and refined to make the gas and oil products that we use in our homes, automobiles, and so on. In order to… Read more »

What Causes Pipe Erosion?

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Pipe erosion

Like the aqueducts of old that were used to bring water into towns and early piping designed to reduce contagion by carrying effluent away from civilization, pipes have long provided a safe and convenient means of transporting liquids, gases, and even some solids. These days, pipes are many and varied, supplied for a variety of… Read more »

How to Protect Against Pipe Corrosion

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Pipe corrosion protection tips

All kinds of metals are used in pipes, but the two most common are steel and copper. Unfortunately, both of these types of metal can suffer from corrosion that eats away at the metal and ultimately leads to leaks. Whether you’re dealing with residential, commercial, or industrial pipes and pipe supports, you want to do… Read more »